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Alcohol addiction is a progressive and chronic disease that requires alcoholism treatment to effectively manage. The alcoholism treatment programs available at Drug Treatment Centers Brentwood are tailored to fit the needs of each patient. For specialized alcoholism treatment programs, call one of our addiction specialists at 631-729-7141.

Abuse VS. Addiction

Alcohol abuse is the overconsumption of alcohol that has not yet reached the level of dependence. Problem drinking is drinking excessive alcohol at one time (binge drinking) which causes repeated problems, but the drinker isn’t completely dependent on alcohol.

Binge drinking, a habit of four to five or more drinks in one sitting, causes the same health risks and harmful consequences caused by alcoholism. Repeated binge drinking increases the risks for alcoholism and can lead to alcoholism.

Signs of Addiction

  • Problems controlling the amount and frequency of drinking
  • Preoccupation with alcohol
  • Continuation of drinking despite the problems it causes
  • Needing more alcohol to obtain the same effects (physical dependence)
  • Withdrawal symptoms occur when decreasing or stopping drinking

People with alcoholism can’t:

  • Anticipate the quantities they will drink
  • The duration they will drink
  • The resulting consequences from drinking

Alcoholism Intervention

Problem drinkers are typically in denial that they have a serious problem. Despite the harmful consequences they experience with drinking, they continue to drink. An intervention is when loved ones, with the help of a professional interventionist, meet to convince those who abuse alcohol to enter treatment. The group talks about how the person’s drinking has negatively affected everyone’s lives. Treatment is offered to end the cycle of alcohol abuse and dependence.

Alcoholism Treatment

Once the person accepts residential treatment, a medically supervised detox is administered to eliminate all toxins in the body using prescribed medications. Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol without medication can be serious, painful and sometimes fatal. A medical detox in a supervised environment is necessary to avoid health complications.

After detox, therapies can then be administered. Psychotherapy, individual and group meetings, behavioral therapy and other therapeutic methods such as music, yoga, art, equine, biofeedback and family are conducted.

Antabuse (Disulfiram), a prescription medication administered under a doctor’s care, is used to help overcome alcohol abuse. It isn’t a cure, but it discourages a recovering alcohol abuser from drinking by making alcohol uncomfortable to consume.

Alcoholism Dangers

There are many dangerous effects of alcoholism; here are some of the more serious complications:

  • Alcoholic hepatitis – Long term alcohol abuse can cause alcoholic hepatitis, which is a liver inflammation. It may also destroy or scar liver tissue (cirrhosis).
  • Alcohol dementia – Long term alcohol abuse can cause defects within the nervous system leading to disorientation, confusion, short term memory loss and dementia.
  • Cancer – Long term use of alcohol has been associated with higher rates of mouth, throat, liver and colon cancer.

Getting Help

Drug Treatnent Centers Brentwood can be reached by calling 631-729-7141. We offer comprehensive alcohol treatment plans to help you or a loved one overcome addiction. We are ready to take your call. End the suffering of alcohol abuse; help is only a phone call away.

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