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Drug rehab is a course of treatment for dependency on psychoactive substances. These substances include alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs. Drug rehab is effective in helping individuals to lead a sober and healthy life once they complete the recovery process. At Drug Treatment Centers Brentwood, our addiction specialists tailor programs to fit your specific needs. Call us today at 631-729-7141 and let us help you find which drug rehab program is right for you.

Drug addiction, also known as substance use disorder, occurs when a person develops a dependence on a drug. A person with addictions can’t control their drug use, even if they desire to do so. Drug use continues despite the negative and harmful consequences that result. Addicts crave these substances, and many want to quit, but can’t by themselves. Drug treatment is an effective way to help those who want to stop abusing drugs and lead a life without chemical dependence.

Addiction: Mental and Physical

Physical addiction occurs when long term drug abuse modifies the processes in the brain regarding pleasurable feelings. The drugs cause physical changes to the brain’s nerve cells, which normally use chemicals (neurotransmitters) to communicate. These physical changes in the brain can remain long after using drugs, leaving behind mental disorders.

Addiction Statistics in Long Island

According to an article published in Newsday in September 2014, heroin is attributed to the deaths of a record number people on Long Island in 2013, 144 to be exact. The trend of people who are addicted to opioid painkillers turning to heroin as a substitute has contributed to the unprecedented number of deaths.

Drug and Alcohol Dependence Symptoms

  • Using substances on a regular and daily basis, multiple times a day
  • Feeling Intense urges for the illicit substances
  • Needing greater quantities of substances to garner the same effects
  • Time is occupied by getting and having enough of substances to use
  • Spending money on substances without having any means
  • Missing work, school, social gatherings or recreational activities due to substances
  • Stealing and lying to obtain substances
  • Driving or other risky behaviors while under the influence of substances
  • Spending increasing amounts of time and energy on getting and using substances
  • Attempts to stop using substances have no success
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop taking substances

Different Treatment Center Options for Addiction

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is a safe and sanitary environment to begin treatment. A medical detox is administered to eradicate any illicit substances from the body. Both individual and group counseling and other therapeutic services are conducted after detox. Residential treatment at Drug Rehab Brentwood can last anywhere from 30-45 days.

Importance of Treatment

Most addicts can’t stop on their own, willpower isn’t enough. The physical and mental dependence on substances is so strong, they can’t stop or lessen substance intake without experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms make abusers uncomfortably sick and could also prove fatal.

Treatment that begins with a medically supervised detox reduces or eliminates withdrawal symptoms. An intervention, where a group of loved ones hold a meeting to convince the addict treatment is needed, can help. An explanation of a safe detox, treatment, and the consequences if they refuse, has been proven an effective method to get people into treatment.

Getting Help

Drug Treatment Centers Brentwood can be reached at 631-729-7141. We have qualified addiction specialists who can help you or a loved one overcome addiction in safe and healthy ways. Our addiction rehab center offers comprehensive programs from detox to aftercare services. Call us to discuss you options for addiction treatment.

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