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When a person suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction, they often assume that they can handle all of the issues that arise on their own. However, the reality is that medical detox is the best way for them to overcome their physical addiction. Medical detox is the process of eliminating addictive toxins from the body while under medical care and supervision. At Drug Treatment Centers Brentwood, our medical detox experts provide patients with the support and guidance they need to get through this difficult period of the recovery process. In a safe and comfortable environment, patients can be confident they are receiving the best care. Call us today at 631-729-7141 for help.

How It Works

Medical detox works by focusing on breaking the physical addiction a person has to drugs or alcohol. This physical addiction develops due to the chemical reactions that drugs and alcohol cause in the brain and nervous system when they enter the bloodstream. Though each drug affects the brain in slightly different ways, the fact remains that all drugs trigger some actions in the body and block others. When a person abuses drugs or alcohol, the brain begins to change the way it operates so that it only completes certain tasks when the drug tells it to. This is the essence of chemical dependency and physical addiction.

By denying the body that addicted substance, the detox process breaks the brain and body’s connection to the drug. The addict is then forced to readjust to being without the drug and function on their own.

Weaning the Body of Drugs

Detoxing slowly rather than abruptly is extremely important to maintain a person’s safety during the withdrawal process as well as to help reduce the severity and prevalence of withdrawal symptoms. In medical detox, this is accomplished by a doctor administering prescription drugs at important moments throughout the process to ensure that the body and brain are able to adjust incrementally rather than all at once. It is better to ease the body into changes rather than to shock the system, a process that can cause a person to experience extreme withdrawals, and in some cases, even severe medical emergencies.

Dangers of Detoxing at Home

It is dangerous to detox at home due to the lack of availability and expertise to make the process gradual. Additionally, there is never any telling if the symptoms of withdrawal a person experiences will be severe or minor. If symptoms are severe, they often require immediate medical attention which is unavailable when detoxing at home. The close proximity to medical care and the gradual detox process are what make medical detox the far superior option in both comfort and safety.

Symptoms of Withdrawal

Meth Withdrawal

  • Psychosis
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Aches and pains

Alcohol Withdrawal

  • Tremors
  • Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Nausea/Vomiting

OxyContin Withdrawal

  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Vomiting/diarrhea
  • Extreme body aches
  • Profuse sweating

How Does Detox Trigger Relapse without Treatment?

While detox, particularly medical detox, is very effective at treating and dealing with a person’s physical addiction to drugs or alcohol, it does not address the mental addiction a person has to the substance. Because of this, only one aspect of the person’s drug or alcohol addiction is resolved through detox. And when that mental addiction is not also addressed through treatment, it almost always leads to relapse. Therapy, both group and individual, as well as other treatments can and should be used to treat the person’s mental addiction following detox to ensure that relapse is avoided.

Drug Treatment Centers Brentwood can provide you with the rehab program you need to effectively manage and treat your drug or alcohol addiction. Give us a call today at 631-729-7141.

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